What’s behind Foglie D’Oro

Foglie d’Oro is a genuine Italian story: known and recognised in Europe and worldwide, the company was born and has remained deeply attached to a local area, in Veneto region, known for its entrepreneurial talent and impressive work ethic.

IA benchmark for premium-quality wood floors, the brand is the natural evolution of a process that began in 1966 with the production of original collections of artistic furnishings branded Arte Brotto.


Our roots are strong, well-established in tradition and projected to an innovative and sustainable future.

Behind the beauty of our wood floors lies the care into every step of the production process, from the raw material to the finishes, in a unique blend of technology and fine craftsmanship. Words are not enough to convey the passion and expertise we put into each one of our creations. It’s essential to accompany the timber during the fundamental drying phase, discover just how we take care of each individual board.


Looking at our specialised teams as they design a new floor using cutting-edge software and CNC machinery. You just be able to smell the fragrance of the forest and imagine the beauty of a unique, customised Foglie d’Oro wood floor.